“My experience with Sandra Fuentez when she represented me in my divorce was awesome. Ms. Fuentez explained everything in detail and how everything works. One thing I remember very well was that she would ask me if I had any other questions and I always said, “no” because she would explain to me every step of the process. I was very happy with her hard work because I was able to have custody of my kids, and as a man I was really worried because other lawyers that I had talked to said that it was going to be really hard for me to get custody of my kids but Sandra Fuentez did the job. I thank her very much for all her help and hard work."

~ R.G., a satisfied former client of Fuentez Law

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The most important things and people in your life are at stake, but some days you feel like hiding your head in the sand. Yet, now is exactly when getting empowering legal support from a thick-skinned ally is most essential.

Almost everyone who retains my services is coming up on a major transition in their life. Often, emotions are raw and tensions run high. As your family attorney, I can help you stay focused on what matters, so you can make better decisions when it really counts. If you are facing a major event in the life of your family with legal implications, such as a divorce, adoption or custody issue, I may be able to help.

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